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Dating & marriage aren't as easy in real life as in 1950's sitcoms, and then there's the indelicate issue of S-E-X, too. This section on relationships & sexuality provides you with sources to answer questions on how to find the person of your dreams (or get rid of the one of your nightmares), deal with differences, & make intelligent decisions about your body.
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Advocates for Youth - This group promotes policies to help young people make wise and informed choices about sex and sexual health. Get smart about sex, including why abstinence-only programs don't work, what contraceptives do work, what sex problems young people face, GLBT youth issues, and more.
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DatingFun - There's *so* much to know about dating, and this site covers it all—instructions on sex, dating tips, creative ideas for dates, things you should bring along, and tales of best and worst dates.
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Divorce Magazine - Sometimes marriages don't work out, but that doesn't mean you have to be left clueless. This site helps you deal with relationships, money, kids, health, counseling, and legal issues when you're considering splitting up with the old "ball-and-chain."
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E. Jean Carroll - Relationship columnist who tells it like it is, E. Jean's monthly Elle column and books deal with issues in a funny and modern way that Abby and Ann Landers never quite seemed to figure out.
Savage Love - Isn't it time there was a male advice columnist? And a gay columnist at that? Dan Savage's biting sex advice column, "Savage Love," appears weekly, with all the answers you need, regardless of your sexual orientation.
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Scarleteen - Hey, this isn't your parents' Sex Ed—here's a Web site that answers teens' questions about sex and relationships, with separate sections for guys and girls. Get informed and involved before you act!
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The Body - HIV/AIDS infection is tough to deal with, but it's also tough to find answers about some risks, about popular myths, and how to live with the disease if you're already positive. This site has free Q&A's with doctors, info on prevention, updates on medication and research, blogs, details on getting tested, and more—and it's all confidential.