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These days, telling the waiter there's a fly in your soup is the least of your worries. Think of rats, roaches, flies, employees who don't wash their hands after going to the bathroom, bacteria-laden dishes, food poisoning, rotting food, and worse. So, this column lists Dallas businesses that performed poorly on food inspections.
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Dallas' Failing Health Inspection Scores

Dallas businesses serving food or beverages are graded on a scale of 0-100; a score of 80 or higher is considered acceptable. Below, you'll find Dallas food establishments that received the following scores during the two-month period listed:
  • Unacceptable (59 or below) - reinspection required within 24 hours - marked Poo - has black background until receiving a score of 60+.
  • Failing (60-69) - reinspection required within 10 days - marked Barf - has red background until receiving a score of 70+. If its latest inspection score listed below is 60-62 and thus it scored barely above Unacceptable, it is marked with Warning.
  • Passing (70-79) - reinspection required within 30 days - has yellow background until receiving a score of 80+. If it barely passed the latest inspection listed below with a score of 70-72, it is marked with Caution. A passing score does not meet acceptable standards.

- Once a restaurant with any of the above ratings receives an 80+ score, it will be given a green background.
- For businesses with more than one score in the "Poor Scores" column, scores are listed in the order in which they were assigned.
- Restaurants that received an Unacceptable score in the prior 10 months are marked with Red Skull for each instance.
- Restaurants that received a Failing score in the prior 10 months are marked with Skull for each instance.

Awful Scores for September 15, 2023 thru November 14, 2023
Name of Business
Street Address (Dallas)
Poor Scores
Big Daddy's Supermarket 6204 Bexar St 74 not reinspected by 11/14
Grandy's 8228 E RL Thornton Frwy 77 reinspected and received rating of 80+
Lyari Cafe 11641 Harry Hines Blvd #201 79 not reinspected by 11/14
Mercat Restaurant 2501 N Harwood St #225 74 reinspected and received rating of 80+
Morales Taqueria 1913 S Edgefield Rd 75 not reinspected by 11/14
Old Hag's Pizza and Pasta 1315 W Davis St 79 not reinspected by 11/14
CautionSonic Grocery Store 4820 East Grand Ave 72 not reinspected by 11/14;
Only 3 points above Failing
T C Grocery 5050 Crozier St 79 not reinspected by 11/14
SkullTexas Wing Stop 3118 Al Lipscomb Way 77 not reinspected by 11/14;
Failed once in prior 10 months
Wings World 2310 MLK Jr Blvd #101 76 reinspected and received rating of 80+

Businesses with Previous Failing/Unacceptable Scores in Dallas
(November 15, 2022 thru September 14, 2023)
BarfAso Rock Market
@ 10061 Whitehurst Dr #101
BarfCarnitas La Primera Meat Market
@ 8721 Lake June Rd
BarfEl Ranchito & Club
@ 610 W Jefferson Blvd
BarfEl Rinconsito
@ 3438 Samuell Blvd
BarfFlaming Buffet
@ 11722 Marsh Ln #228
BarfHenderson Chicken
@ 3103 Grand Ave
BarfJTC Bless Import
@ 9220 Skillman St #101
BarfLa Poblanita
@ 7800 Spring Valley Rd
BarfPho Midway
@ 17610 Midway Rd #140
BarfRice Bowl Express
@ 8306 Lake June Rd
BarfTaqueria Lupitas
@ 9628 Overlake Dr #100
@ 6005 S R L Thornton Frwy
BarfTexas Wing Stop
@ 3118 Al Lipscomb Way
BarfTienda Y Restaurant La Central
@ 2220 Highland Rd #B
BarfTony's Pizza & Pasta
@ 10233 E Northwest Hwy #504
BarfTres Arbolitos Taqueria
@ 3212 Falls Dr
BarfUrban Taco
@ 5321 E Mockingbird Ln #105
@ 1802 Greenville Ave #100
BarfWilliams Chicken
@ 9359 Forest Ln
BarfWulf Burgers
@ 5331 W Mockingbird Ln #125
BarfYama Sushi Japanese Restaurant
@ 8989 Forest Ln #112
BarfZizi Ramen & Sushi
@ 9711 Plano Rd #C
To file a complaint about unsanitary conditions at a food establishment in Dallas, call the Department of Code Compliance, Consumer Health Division, at (214) 670-8083, from 8:00 AM-4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

Alternately, you may file a complaint online.
Choose "City Code Violations" in the left box,
then choose "Restaurant/Food Complaint" or "Mobile Food Complaint" (as applicable) in the right box.

You will be asked for the name of the business, its address, the problem(s) you observed,
your contact information, and whether you would like to be contacted further about the complaint.

Note: This page does not show ratings for the cities of University Park and Highland Park.
View University Park health inspection reports and Highland Park health inspection reports.

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